Ajin Season 2 Episode 1 Subbed / Dubbed

Ajin Season 2 Episode 1 English Subbed
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  • itachan

    Thank you for sub Ajin

  • renafuura

    thanks so much! I was really looking forward to S2 so I binged watched on Netflix S1 but thought I would have to binge watch S2.
    Im so glad you guys have picked up subbing this!

  • WiseKouichi


  • gg5k

    why aren’t all the ongoing eps released available on nyaa, stream quality is disgusting.

  • Chiyo Elgata

    gg5k, you should be happy it was subbed before released. I would guess the reason it is not on Nyaa is because the websites owners want to make money off of people coming to their website and watching their subs.

  • Irfan Sirajudeen

    Will there be an English dub for season 2?

  • Kitty

    Tf is this gay ass outro