Ajin Season 2 Episode 10 Subbed / Dubbed

Ajin Season 2 Episode 10 English Subbed
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  • the_invizible

    First Can’t wait for this ep 😀

  • thearrowbro

    2nd me to

  • Keith Pointon

    third… i’ll wait… but i’ll hate it..

  • Aqila Ghassani Sevin

    can’t wait for satou

  • Mhmm

    Fuck… That was good

  • ShadowC0N

    When I see Satou, i have the same feeling I get when I see Negan from TWD. I just want them to be defeated! Satou is a good villain though. And bring on Kai and the other guy (I forgot his name lol)! The next two eps look intense, just like the rest of the show has been.

  • a1a4a7

    satou rapes nagai’s sister, nagai evolves his IBM

  • fideldesu

    They seems to change a lot from the manga.

  • Safa Zaman

    in the middle of the video this appears for 0.01 second(s)

    like if you tried to see what it was


    • Flávio Lisbôa

      Last time it was a Red Bull can, or something like that…

  • Safa Zaman

    CANT WAIT FOR NEXT 2 EPISODES! BEST ANIME OF 2016! kaito was in the next episodes’ preview,but where’s Kotobuki? We want to see the winged IBM!!

    • Safa Zaman

      and there still isn’t any info about Kotobuki on ajin.net

  • AnniexRose

    OOOh my gooood, nagai feels so bad its such a huge leap from his other heartless side,,,,,,,,,he was cRYING AGAIN I CAN’T HANDLE IT……..

    (can’t wait to see the reunion ;))

  • Иван Иванов

    Satou is General Hummel now. Maaaan this is so cool.


  • Dark Bullet

    Next time episodes 11 and 12 will air consecutively!

    • LiveDeviL

      they’re gonna do 2 episodes in 1 week??

      • Dark Bullet

        Yeah, yeah! Did you watch to the end? After the ending there was that text at the bottom of the screen.

  • amir_senpai

    I think Nagai’s head was cut by satou

  • earl ciel

    When will the next episode come out? can’t wait..

  • Wăr Őf Hàrmøný


    • Wăr Őf Hàrmøný

      notice how the ending theme shows almost all the important events that happened andwill happen in the future like the winged IBM showing up on top of a building CAN’T WAIT FOR THAAAAAAT…BEST ANIME OF 2016.SATOU BEST VILLIAN OF 2016

  • Satou’s demands are ludicrous and textbook villain,
    but everything else about this show has had me pleasantly surprised from last season.

    • Fezzy

      well, he is just doing it for fun

    • Blackfoot_Sanji

      actually he knew that after this much killing and taking those weapons the government will be ready to negotiate till some extent but he doesnt want that and he also wants his Ajin partners to think that hes fighting for Ajins right so he asked for something ridiculous from the government which is all of japan to make them think that hes actually fighting for them but he knows that no matter what the government wont handover japan so he can keep playing his game

  • Gage Sanchez

    wait, was the event that happened in the OVA not known to anyone because if I remember correctly the guy got his head cut off but didn’t lose any memory, so why does sato still think it works, does he not know or was it just a random and rare occurrence?

  • Hatachi

    Honestly I’d love to see Satou win

    • Lynne Pegram

      Just so he can be slaughtered by the American brutes? I wish he would have tried to negotiate for Ajin rights again.

  • Troy E. Morgan

    Honest i cant take the constant i only care about my own feelings nobody else is involved but my poor bitch ass attitude.

  • frazzle

    The EMP fried all the electronic based weapons though….. how is he using the air burst grenade launcher when the anti-ajin force didn’t………. -____-

    • Alice Skye

      Isn’t it possible that, that one burst grenade launcher was out of range? And he got it for this part of the plan?