Ajin Season 2 Episode 12 Subbed / Dubbed

Ajin Season 2 Episode 12 English Subbed
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  • Franc Mardianto Lukmana

    episode 12 come hours after episode 11 and not 1 week ?

    • tammy fay

      yes because the last episode (13th) is nextweek they want to finish it before the year ends (24/12 is the last episode)

      • Franc Mardianto Lukmana

        ok thx

        • REDDEST

          Christmas present you see (=

      • But wonder why it didnt air on 31/12?? still the same day, right?? :/

        • Ameer Danish

          golden week

  • Nagato1025

    Wait! Is the manga already finished in Japan???

    • Eduardo Nery

      No, the anime have a diferent final

      • Nagato1025

        Ah yeah, most of animes has different path from the manga but going ahead from the manga is new for me.

        • itachan

          No. Ss2 anime is very different from manga. Manga is better than Anime

  • fideldesu

    Season 3 not gonna come soon. This season caught up with the latest chapter. It even change a lot of stuff and even have a diff. ending.

    I’m guessing Season 3 comes out on mid or late 2018 ? Probably 2019.

    • Eduardo Nery

      The season 2 is the final season.

      • fideldesu

        We may never know what’s coming in the future.

        • Razer Ryan

          I know what’s coming. Tomorrow I’ll be pissing in the toilet

          • Wăr Őf Hàrmøný


    • Stuart McPherran

      I hope there’s both a season 3 and a 4th anime film

  • Safa Zaman


    • satchico


  • Satou thought of everything, jeeeeez

  • Yes, there’s no game over for Satou-san— there’s just a GAME START! Heck, I don’t even know who I’m rooting for.

  • Zck Abf

    it would be cool if satou character just like code geass zero,focusing all hatred onto him, make enemies of ajin n human to teach them to works together then let himself to be caught at he end to end conflict between human n ajin..

    • C.G.Kenway

      Lmao! Yeah sure, when Satou stops thinking he’s playing Mario Super Smash Brothers with the world, maybe he’ll start thinking of your sappy zero ending. There are 200+ countries in the world and some of those have Ajin and most likely experimenting on Ajin, this Ajin and Human cooperation is only happening in Japan, the U.S. military doesn’t even know it’s happening so they continue their experimentation on the Ajin.

      Satou wants to simply fight anything and everything just for fun, he’s more comparable to Batman’s Joker if anything. Code Geass Zero? NOPE!

      • Aram

        “Mario Super Smash Brothers”… Those are two separate games created by the same company. Super Mario Brothers, and Super Smssh Bros. I play smash bros every day…

    • Wăr Őf Hàrmøný

      NOPE. he’s just the best psycho ever.that is all.

  • Harima Kenji

    Dam it Satou is always several steps ahead of them

  • Wăr Őf Hàrmøný

    i wonder if this will be the first time in history where the bad guy actually wins…

    • AccessDenied

      that not true Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Evangelion, ga rei zero and desert punk(kinda) were all animes where the bad guy wins.

      • Monkey Box jok

        Not like where the bad guy wins once, but the other good guys eventually overcome it and become stronger and later win. But like the bad guy wins, end of story. No chance, I think.

        • AccessDenied

          in phantom bad guys do win in the end through.

          • Maddie Wilson

            Spoiler alert much

      • Sharil Shahediyen

        Also Tokyo Ghoul

  • Pokie-chan

    How to get back to reality after this ending? It was AMAZING! Can’t wait for next week

  • Simplyanime

    Omg Satou always somehow manages to escape.

  • TerrorOfDeath

    Nakano is going to produce his IBM when he sees Satou is going to kill Izumi

  • XxShy’aCutiexX


  • thearrowbro

    Nice ep

  • Stuart McPherran


  • Okay now I’m just annoyed

  • Claude Black


  • Shivan Nawal

    Goddamnit Satou is the most psychologically disturbed man I’ve ever seen !! Fucking crazy ! When will the next season be out ?

  • werknemerful

    Like Sato said, Nagai sure has a lot of his.. black stuff