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Ajin Season 2 Episode 13 English Subbed
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  • Ramon Kelly




  • Exarchai


    • I know, right?! 😀 It’s gonna be awesome to watch this epic final battle between Kei Vs Satou!! xD Let’s just hope it’s going to be good this time. I pray that this will be an hour-long special just so they could wrap things up with this series since they probably won’t make a season 3 anytime sooner or later or maybe this will be the season finale for Ajin after all, who knows? 😛 We’ll just have to wait until the time comes right. ^_^

      • Stuart McPherran

        I hope there’s a season 3. But I think it will happen after the live action movie.

        • Same here. I’d like to know what happens later on after that supposed cliffhanger ending we got in that last episode. Hopefully, we will get a season 3 around late 2017 or if not, early 2018 at best. Who knows when it will come out? We’ll just have to wait and hear for the news and confirmation if they are planning to make another season or not when the time comes around.

  • Zaid Rsh

    Glad that there is a timer, then I will wait for 10 hours till tomorrow morning 😀

  • Tariq

    Nagai summons multiple ajins to kill satou. Satou revives himself and gets pummeled by a U.S turret. U.s captures him and Tanaka. They escape. We also learn about Satou’s past… remember in the first episode, where the ajin with the gun had been captured?, well satou was on that helicopter as a soldier.

    • Ramon Kelly

      Where do you live…..I want to give you my famous beverage……..it’s called Cyanide…..Bitch

      • Tariq

        I prefer coffee

        • Moisés Moreira Reis

          Where did you find the subtitles? (sorry for some mistake, I’m don’t speak

          • Ramon Kelly

            pffft thats the best Grammer I’ve seen since I took a break from youtube 12 year old trolls

          • Tariq


          • Ramon Kelly

            I knew it….

          • Lynne Pegram

            “grammer” lol priceless

          • Ramon Kelly

            Again, the best “grammar” I seen. There you happy now?

        • Ramon Kelly

          Did you……even…..get the joke….

  • RED Ajin

    DUDE i read that if a ajin change his personality his IBM changes.Kei was so devastated after the mans death so his personality might have change.I hope they do change

  • RED Ajin

    We also need more winged ajin action ^_^

    • Shattered Sentient

      Yes! And Ajin is so awesome. Sure the second season took another direction than the manga but it was still enjoyable.

  • Tariq
  • Safa Zaman

    first XD

    • Safa Zaman

      it was sad to see hat die,but no,he doesn’t and y send em to SPACE?

      • Leviathan Scourge

        They were in tight suits (space suits as you see them) so their IBM’s couldn’t materialize and break them free.

  • kelvin

    Whhyyy dafuq cant he just die already ffs ! Its already the final episode …..guess…we’ll have a season 3 then. XD but mann….is he immortal or what shittt!

    • Safa Zaman

      he ajin so yeah

      • Rose-Sapphire Michelle Widick

        ajin can still run out of revives

  • Razu

    lol he just wants a quiet life.. its insane how sato thought of putting a bomb inside him

  • kahee23

    I rate that death 10/10 😭

    • FocusToLL

      lol ikr.

  • PetraRal

    I’m so happy my child gets to have his good ending

  • RED Ajin


    • Wăr Őf Hàrmøný


  • Shizuna-chan


    • Wăr Őf Hàrmøný


  • Ajin

    There better be a season 3!!!

  • anonymous

    Wait I thought that nagai’s sister were going to India with Kai and that winged ajin …….. plotholes maybe ?????

    • Probably

      Probably because before they went to India, all Ajins had been accepted to the society? That’s why they didn’t need to run away anymore?

  • Probably

    I really want to know what causes a “flood” of IBM’s… anyone any theories?

    • Wăr Őf Hàrmøný

      a flood a emotions i suppose

    • Sayomi Fukui

      I thought it only happened when an Ajin died under intense emotion (that scientist guy mentioned it earlier in the series), but now I’m thinking that it’s just when their IBM is created under intense emotion. It would appear that a desire to hurt people seems to be linked somewhat (compare Nagai back when he was afraid of Satou and thus unable to summon his ghost at all, compared to this episode, where he wants to kill Satou, causing the Flood).

  • Hamze

    Damn…I really love this

  • Wăr Őf Hàrmøný


  • Erenicmen

    he’s head was chopped off by nagai so how does he detonate the bomb in his body?

    • Oracle

      I think when he was messing with that phone he set it to go off an hour later. He expected to be captured.

      • james widjaya

        yeah that phone O_O … he planing all it …

        • Erenicmen

          that phone was the detonator for destroying floor not for the bomb inside him which he blew up while he was captured

          • Chantilli Morris

            Press rewind and look again. It was rigged for two explosions. One immediately after he pressed the button, the other for an hour later.

      • Chantilli Morris

        It’s the kind prep you can only make when you know good and well you aren’t going to die. It was brilliant.

  • Jonathan

    Wait wtf??? I thought Satou’s head was chopped off…. Shouldn’t he be a new person then? Why would he blow himself up or even know about the bomb inside him.

    • Helix Fossil

      Because the theory about a new person appearing in the body after beheading is not true. It was shown in the OVA where Shinya, the ajin featured in the OVA, lost his entire head in an accident yet was still the same person. They never outright explain it anywhere which they should have at least now at the end since it’s very confusing otherwise.

      • Sayomi Fukui

        Not necessarily. The idea wasn’t that your personality would change, just that it wouldn’t be “you”.
        The idea runs of the assumption that people don’t have souls, that your personality and memories are simply housed within your brain. If that brain (in this case along with the rest of your head) is removed and a new one is created, that isn’t really “you”, it’s an exact replica. Kei, being the logical person that he is, only fears this because he wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice himself even for an exact replica. An Ajin who believes in the concept of souls (and thus that no matter how many times their head is removed, their soul would return to their body) would have nothing to fear from beheading, since each new version of them would be functionally identical to the previous.

        • Junior

          Yea thats true.. But Remember, we got that “new person after the be-heading” information FROM SATOU when he was telling this to Kei & we all know Satou likes to LIE to his fellow Ajins lol. Satou is NOT a reliable source for information, he never was. If we heard this “new person” theory from the Japanese-American genius guy who likes his FK cigarettes, then i would definitely believe it. Everything that guy has told us about Ajin & IBM’s has always been validated. I think maybe Satou lied to Kei just to scare him. He knows Kei Doesn’t know everything about the IBM, so that may have been an advantage for Satou. Infact, Lying is a big load of a reason Satou was so successful. So maybe he put it in in head to screw with him…You all know Satou lied & manipulated several Ajin for quite a while into believing he was going to get them freedom & Independence. Just my opinion that the “new person” thing is just another playful lie from Satou that the writters want us to find out in season 3. Just my speculation though.

    • Junior

      Yea thats true.. But Remember, we got that info from Satou when he was telling this to Kei & we all know Satou likes to lie to his fellow Ajins lol. Maybe Satou lied to Kei just to scare him. He knows Kei Doesn’t know everything about the IBM, Kei didn’t expect the flood phenomenon to suddenly rush out, his face was so shocked & cluless in the scene, so that may have been an advantage for Satou. Infact, Lying is a big load of a reason Satou was so successful. So maybe he put it in in head to screw with him…You all know Satou manipulated several Ajin into believing he was going to get them freedom & Independence for quite a while, so thats what makes me speculate that the “new person” thing is just another playful lie from Satou that we will find out passively in season 3. Just my opinion though.

    • Nick Angelici

      It’s a theme of scifi horror that if you were to create a new body, then copy and paste your mind into it, rather than cut and paste, that all you did was create a second you. You dont transfer to the new body, and you as you were, die.

  • my life is boring again

  • Arasu Ishygan

    OMG ! Such an amazing end <3 <3 <3 <3
    Sooo glad that there would be a 3rd season *0*0*0*0*
    May God keep me alive by then :'(

  • Arasu Ishygan

    OMG ! Such an amazing end <3 *0*0*0*
    Hope there would be a 3rd Season T___T
    May God keep me alive by then …

  • Cristina Muñoz

    So much hype! If there’s a third season I wanna see Nakamura Shinya making an appearance.

  • Nora

    so cutting the head of an ajin’s head does not change their personality, explains nakano is still himself.

  • PoeTiiXz

    Damn this anime is good!!! I swear if Satou doesn’t get the crunchyroll award for best villain, I don’t know who can beat him.

  • Damn it comments stop spoiling me-

  • Firstpo jkh

    That was BS ! that ending was sooo predicatable !! you kidding me US Military would take thoose weak ass precautions to keep him sealed and dead? WTF obviously he was gonna breach that . Why don’t they have a a freaking machine , that keeps cutting off his head ever 10 seconds. and shoots him in the heart . Like a dead pod ! nuclear powered , so he can be dismantled and dead for how ever freaking long !! but nooo they put him in some BS suit ! GTFO … What the hell was the point of taking off buddies head if he can just put it back on ?!?!? So a flood can’t kill him , cutting off his head can’t kill him. What will they throw off next. Seems to be the only supersayin freaking ajin. The other punks can barley fight with theirs. Why not just a Ajin fusion and bust his ass. This last episode piss me off. So much useless nonsense for that stupid season closer . I couild’ve made such a better plot twist !

  • Belit257

    Wait wtf happened?

  • Tight Eyez

    So this is the end? There’s no actual ending it’s just a cliffhanger that won’t be continued? Wow

  • diestro

    they should’ve buried satou and tanaka after they got tranquilized, they will experience constant death that way

  • DreTaX

    HOLY SHIT! I had the feeling that it wont be over. HERE WE GO SEASON 3

  • Kai Yang

    The ending makes no sense… How did Sato keep that bomb in his body without detonating it during the fight? His body was stab through with Nasagi’s IMB. He was also shot by the chopper’s high caliber machine gun. Also a geranade exploded right no top of his body… Realistically, the shock of that geranade should have already exploded the bomb in his body…

    Ending should have just ended with him captured. I doubt season 3 will ever be released so I rather just keep reading manga…

  • Tanner



  • Junior

    If Satou stayed on the carrier, made it to the U.S & escapes there, thats a whole a new playground for him, he’d embrace it & say…”Alright Tanaka, Japan was a fail, but we have so many new levels, maps & Bosses here in the U.S, i just need to take America from Trump first, then we can leave.”

  • What I really don’t get is why Tanaka followed Satou to the end, even though he wanted acknowledgement for Ajin and he realized Satou didn’t care about that. I thought he was going to betray Satou here.

  • Boring ending, in my view. Kinda simple and lame.

  • Lynne Pegram

    9/10 wonderful anime!!!!

  • kei nagai

    Damn even if there is not going to be season three there is planty from the manga… but still season three please


    what the fuck just happened

  • Akewind

    Hey if you watched Ajin season 2 episode 13 in English dub you’ll see that the ending song is changed. If anyone has any idea the name of it then please tell me.

  • Monkey Box jok

    Dang, he even managed to remember even after severing his head? yeesh… And what was the black monster Nagai saw, Satou’s? It didn’t really tie up that well, and theres still a lot of questions, since it ended so abruptly, but this gives it more of a chance for… SEASON THREE

  • Dhanif Antomn

    Rofl there is no way in hell that that was the first time that he has lost his head. Theres still so much that is unknown about the guy and his past he would have had to have lost his head many times before this especially to have such an understanding of what happens.
    Honestly every time he is crushed to death, explodes into tiny bits, or rides a giant building to the ground his head is removed / crushed and destroyed and a new head grows.
    He had to have been bullshitting about the new consciousness that you receive after being decapitated. Although he did do the whole “oh hi” thing when he revived after that so I am not sure what to think lol.

  • Dhanif Antomn

    Holy shit.
    What if we are a different person every time we fall asleep and wake up?
    What if the old us dies every time we fall asleep and the new us takes its place each morning blissfully unaware?

    • LordOfTheOk

      WTF are you talking about xD that profil picture omg so serious

  • Stipan Lisica

    Stupid anime made by stupid people for stupid people. I actually watched both seasons and was just hoping it would end sooner because i need closure. Same themes, same japanese bullshit like grunging or explaining directly to the viewer what color the sky is or concreting characters, the fool, the friend, the smart guy, everything is nothing new except the 3D style which i liked. Satou was good but again everything is so limited by the writers own programming. Selfish characters with self preservation and a food chain of people yelling at each other, the plot of how things happen is just lazy. Like when the main character locked up the fool in a truck for later use to the story. Nothing is ever explained and is focused on emotional things, while im here wondering wtf is ajin anyway, why cant it die and what are ghosts and why is this not finished sooner since all it takes is 1 sleep dart, or a net, or a broken leg, or pepper spray. At the end of it all i can’t really remember i watched it and i just finished it all in 2 days, it already blended in with all the other bullshit content creators put out. Nagai! Nagai! Nagai! Nagai! Nagai! fucking hell that guy was retarded

    • LordOfTheOk

      LOL your comment made me die…XD just revived tho :/ true tho Nagai was retarded but hell a smart.

  • FumeKing

    Anyone know the new ending theme?

  • firo mohammed

    man i thought that winged ghost was gonna do something

  • AnimeNochi

    Animation = weird (I dont like 3D anime)
    Story = Awesome

  • Marco Española

    How to watch episode 13?