Ajin Season 2 Episode 6 Subbed / Dubbed

Ajin Season 2 Episode 6 English Subbed
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  • KeysOfHues


    • Kurama


      • Safa Zaman

        ahhahahahahhaa i see those comments everywhere and you are the only one i’ve seen to give a proper response

        • Kritical Cards


  • Circles in Mind

    yay.. douchebag got kidnapped

  • Eneitilyn

    I found a sub mistake “However you think about it, picking a fight with America isn’t a rational.” either the lone “a” should be removed before “rational” or change it into “rational one” at the end of the sentence! also Ty a lot for the subs <3

  • CrimsonStreak

    I was kind of happy that Tosaki got kidnapped cause I hated his guts from the moment I saw him. Thanks a lot for the sub as well! You guys are amazing for doing this so early

  • Safa Zaman

    i used to hate tosaki-san but as you can see as i used san….sans…..

  • gold

    In the manga they get a lot more straight to it then in the anime. There have been a lot of detours so far but they’re pretty interesting imo.

  • Safa Zaman

    this is not to be watched home along,which i just did

  • Stelio Kontos

    So Anyone else not able to load it, I get this error message the media could not be loaded because the server or network failed…

    • Kurama

      try with vpn maybe, it’s your isp issue!!

      • Stelio Kontos

        It worked thanks man! 🙂

  • Razer Ryan

    I have a boner and you now know it.
    And the fact that you read this means you are capable of reading. Just sayin’

    • Uesugi Kenshin


  • Tosaki is a boss.

  • Sotorex

    Someone gotta say this, the blonde ajin got ass.

    • LordOfTheOk

      XD wtf….but true

  • Exarchai

    Nakano is so annoying. He’s gotta be my least favorite character by far.

    • mari

      that’s probably because whoever is behind the anime has totally butchered his character in the anime adaptation. he’s not nearly as annoying in the manga. it’s a shame.

      • Exarchai

        Yeah I know, I’ve read (most) of the manga. I totally agree.

      • Sharil Shahediyen

        IDK but Nakano seems the only character like that, the other characters went from stereotypical and lacking development to having understandable motives behind their actions. Probably more in the manga, but still.

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  • unlearny

    America doesn’t care about educated people, period. We would never send a thug and a human test subject to retrieve a scientist from his native country, we’ll just pay the country for it. They may have dragged some scientists back after the war, but only if the scientists had a great pitch like, “I invented the V2 bomb!” or “I turned a nice country into a gang of drooling nazi’s using psychological warfare!” Now if a Billionaire was kidnapped, sure, they are job creators after all, and they help us pay for all the foreign tech we buy.

    • disqus_Y8PbZ1m4Gv

      America doesn’t care about anyone. They go into wars for fun.

  • Monkey Box jok

    The guy who sings the outro sounds like the guy who sings the Shokugeki no Soma season 1 intro singer, except more worse.

  • firo mohammed

    i am beginning to love this anime even more

  • PikaPikaChuuu

    Thanks so much!!! I love kei and kou