Ajin Season 2 Episode 7 Subbed / Dubbed

Ajin Season 2 Episode 7 English Subbed
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  • Melanie Morris

    Can’t wait

  • LOLBoy119

    well its 0

    • Pokie-chan

      I have been refreshing the page so many times now… -_-

      • Kurama

        It’s out refresh again

        • Pokie-chan

          Yup now I have to wait for another long week…

  • Kurama

    Subbed is out Enjoy 😀

  • Ryan Masqueranes

    Nagi back at it again

  • CrimsonStreak

    I’m sort of confused. Does this mean that their whole team is going off grid to do their job now that they’re not needed?????

    • Logan

      I kept waiting for “that group is us” but nah. Sounds like officially, Tosaki will get the order of termination and his group disbanded, but he’ll be on the run and continuing their work against Satou without authorization, so yeah: off the grid.

    • CrimsonX

      im pretty sure they were already off grid. “The Committee” doesn’t know about Nagai or Tosaki’s special contractors, or the professor. Tosaki and his assistant are all they know about and they dont even know she is an Ajin.

  • Safa Zaman

    When will Kaito and Kotobuki appear?!
    I really wanna see them!

  • Mano Pentagast

    Only 720p? My net is kinda crap right now. Hoping for a lower quality.

  • Exarchai

    Damn, what a cliffhanger… I can’t wait until next week!

  • Lynne Pegram

    I think Nagai is actually a good person, cold and calculating as he may be. If it were me, I’d have gone revolutionary and joined Satou-san for Ajin rights. I’m sure Nagai and every other Ajin would like Ajin civil rights, optimally. However, turning rebel was too hotblooded a thing for Nagai to do, so he just ignored it for a while until baka Nakano pulled him back into the spotlight. Now, he’s decided he might be able to “win” safety and good treatment for himself by being an Ajin who opposes the terrorist Satou. If his team is successful, he figures, he may be recognized as a “good Ajin” and let off the hook. Trying to be the good guy seems to be in Nagai’s nature after all.

  • Jason Veloso

    Nagai reminds me of Oberstein in the Legend of Galactic Heroes. Cold Calculating but a weeboo.