Ajin Season 2 Episode 8 Subbed / Dubbed

Ajin Season 2 Episode 8 English Subbed
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  • Safa Zaman

    DAAAM first XD btw BEST ANIME OF 2016 and best site,thx ajin2.com

    • Ryan Masqueranes

      Bungou Stray dogs is the best for me ajin second :p

    • Wort Igon

      far from best, but definietly good

  • Melanie Morris

    I want it now though DX

  • Kai Killua Kankri Kei


  • Ntogg

    why u guys still havent posted episode 8 torrent on nyaa.se?

    • Kurama

      we are waiting for leopard raw for nyaa.se release

  • BaikinguAdamu

    too slow episode

    • What makes you think it was slow?

      • BaikinguAdamu

        Want to see the ajin fight each other and the main guy kick some ##

        • Oh, I see. The episode didn’t feel that slow to me, as Kei, Nakano, and the others were starting another plan to stop Satou and his threats from killing the last President on the list so that he can be able to rule over the country. I also want to see the Ajin fight too but looks like we’ll have to to wait and see it in the next episode or so, so yeah. 🙂

          • BaikinguAdamu

            youre ok

          • Ok for what?

          • BaikinguAdamu


          • What the hell? :/

          • BaikinguAdamu

            thats right hell, hows it like?

          • What the hell are you saying man? This is not funny, you know? -_-

          • Sharil Shahediyen

            don’t feed the trolls. They have nothing to lose

          • Ok, then..

      • Paul Abdelmalak

        ignore the idiot lol

        • Ok, then. Whatever you say. 😛 I don’t even care about him anyway.

  • Safa Zaman

    This is getting SOOO exciting and did anyone hear Shimomura when Tosaki said quiet to her? (8:33)

    • Safa Zaman

      and JUST WHEN is that winged IBM gonna appear?! HYPE

      • Same here! 😀 I really want to see it appear again because it just looks so freakin’ awesome!! xD

        • Kappa Chan

          wont appear anytime soon, not even in manga

          • Aww, that sucks. :/ But still, we’ll wait until it actually appears later on when we get the chance at least. ^_^

    • Krovi


  • xXxCrystalAngelxXx

    So hyped for next week >-<

  • ImDaTroll

    at minute 11:27 there was an IBM

    • Gage Sanchez

      thats how he got the voice recording

      • From Shimomura’s IBM, right?

        • Gage Sanchez

          ye, she sent it in with it and recorded it i believe

          • Oh ok, I see now. That makes sense now since I noticed that that was her IBM then, alright. 🙂

          • Gage Sanchez


      • ImDaTroll


        • Gage Sanchez


    • I know but what I didn’t understand was the fact that in that particular scene where he was telling Sokabe that we’ll both go to hell together if he actually leak out that past incident with that conversation to the minister pretending to know nothing about Ogura Ikuya being captured and confined by Tosaki and the government. He called him a full-fledged criminal. I don’t fully get that part. Can someone please explain that to me? It’s kinda confusing for me to understand.

      • Stanciu Vlad

        To hide a crime is a criminal act if you know it happened,especially when you know the criminal but you are just going to use the crime for your own benefit

        • What does that even mean anyway? You’re not explaining much at all. :/

      • Pig Ross

        Tosake used Shimomura’s IBM to record Sokabe’s conversation with that Govt. guy. They knew of Tosake’s killing of the American yet they chose not to say anything. It’s called conspiracy, Vlad explained it pretty well

        • Oh ok. I think I’m getting it now. Thanks for clearing it up, man. 🙂 Really appreciate that. ^_^

  • sdf

    i am japanese.
    self defense force is doing EMP measures.
    there is no such story.

  • XxShy’aCutiexX


    • Lynne Pegram

      I don’t like him as a person, but if I were an Ajin, I’d be on his side.

  • Avira

    Satous secret weapon was an EMP Trojan horse? Wow now i get why he was having the hacker work on it. Nice show 🙂

  • reete12


  • Jason Veloso

    Satou used an EMD. Even in real wars its illegal to use. It will only be used in World War 3.